Oy TransPeltola Ltd

TransPeltola’s core business is container transport, but we do much more. TransPeltola operates mainly in Finland but does also transportation between Russia and the Nordic countries. We handle large and small projects and give a great value for long term partnership with our customers. We provide trucking service for industrial sector (e.g. paper industry, chemical industry, plastic industry, glass processing and building industry) forwarding companies and shipping companies.

TransPeltola was founded in 1958. We have 50 employees.

We have experience on e.g. large volume handling, combining different transport modes efficiently, cargo security, making investments on customer projects and starting a whole new project with new product or new type of fleet/equipment. In many cases something that started as a project continued and turned into long term partnership with the customer.

We want to help our customers to succeed and by doing so we will guarantee that, we can continue doing our job. We can reach the best possible price-quality ratio by fleet innovations, optimizing routes and schedules, good communication and by smart coordination of our fleet.

We fulfill all the requirements of the Finnish Contractor’s Obligations Act. You can make a quick check on our responsibility data without registration at Zeckit service. If you want to download the complete responsibility report, you need to register fist and the you can download our up-to-date report for free.

We have trained our staff, but if we make an error, we will take responsibility for it. Our liability insurance will cover the financial loss.

TransPeltola was founded in 1958, but we have always been up to something new. Our fleet and service offering has gotten more versatile over the years. Also ICT-development in the company is continuous.

TransPeltola’s operations are evaluated every three years in the chemical industry’s SQAS assessment (Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability). The result of the latest assessment was amazing 90%, which means that TransPeltola’s operations meet the requirements of Cefici’s SQAS system to 90%. The average of European carriers is 76%. Read about our latest SQAS attestation on the Cargo Handling Group blog.

Finnish Customs has audited TransPeltola’s operation and facilities and granted us an AEO-authorization (Authorised Economic Operator). As an AEO-operator TransPeltola respects the strict safety regulations and is this way a part of safer global supply chain.

Every member of TransPeltola staff follows our company policy. We respect laws and work against human trafficking (UK Modern slavery act 2015). Good customer service is part of our trucking service. We want to develop: new technical innovations and digitalization give us tools for better service. Employer safety and information security are prioritized. We care about nature and have focus on lowering emissions of our fleet with technical innovations and by teaching economical driving style for drivers. We have zero tolerance on drugs. We respect our employees regardless of their gender, race or religion. We don’t use child labor. Our employees have a right to unite.