TransPeltola 60 years

TransPeltola 60 years

Transpeltola 60 years & enterprise of the year 2018 in South-Eastern Finland

Enterprise of the year 2018

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises gave TransPeltola the enterprise of the year 2018 award in Kymenlaakso County, South-Eastern Finland. The main argument of the jury was that TransPeltola has renewed and developed the company actively over the years. TransPeltola was established 60 years ago and since those years, it has become a versatile transportation service provider. Also, company has grown from a one man company to a company employing now 50 people. TransPeltola is also utilizing digitalization actively, but personal customer service will remain as an important asset in the future too.

History in a nutshell

Transpeltola’s founder Mr. Pentti Peltola received its first permit to practice commercial trucking in Finland 60 years ago, on 12 March 1958. During the first years, Transpeltola transported mainly peat and wood chips to the local paper factory. Internationalization started in 1984 when Transpeltola started to transport construction materials to Soviet Union. In late 1980’s and early 1990’s Transpeltola had trucks based in Central and in South Europe, but already in 1993 trucks return back to east when Transpeltola started to import bark of evergreen trees from Svetogorsk, Russia. In 1994 a local printing house in Kouvola, Finland started to print a Russian advertisement newspaper “Extra M” and Transpeltola was in charge of guaranteed on-time delivery of this newspaper until 2003. During the peak phase of this project Transpeltola transported 47 trailer loads of this newspaper from Kouvola to Moscow every week.

Transpeltola started to operate a container yard in Kouvola in 2002 when the transit traffic of electronics goods started. Because the warehousing infrastructure in Russia was not yet very devopped, the goods were temporarily stored in Kouvola and later distributed directly to retailers in Russia. During the busiest time, Transpeltola transported 200 containers every day to bonded warehouses in Kouvola and in other cities in South eastern Finland.

The trucking of bulk raw materials for e.g. paper and plastic industry startded in 2005 and transportation of flat glass started in 2009. Transportation of chemicals has grown rapidly during 2010s.

Transpeltola today

Transpeltola offers transportation service in Finland, Scandinavia and in Russia. Our core services are container transportation, trailer transportation, bulk container logistics, gas, chemicals and glass transportation. Transpeltola has 50 employees and the turnover on 03/2019 was 7,8 M€.


Transpeltola has 21 tractors and about 50 trailers. The core of Transpeltola’s efficient fleet management is that the tractors can be used for all transportation assignments – only the trailers are tailored for different products.

In addition to Transpeltola’s own fleet, there are about 20 subcontractor trucks also in Transpeltola’s daily coordination. Transpeltola appreciates greatly this partnership with these long-term fellow entrepreneurs. They have become friends over the years and collaboration is mutual.

Collaboration with own forwarding company

Transpeltola is working in close collaboration with forwarding company Kouvola Cargo Handling (KCH), which was established in 2003. This company is co-owned by Peltola and Toikka families. TransPeltola is involved in combined transportation where pre-carriage and loading of different chemicals is taken care by TransPeltola and railway transportation and forwarding is KCH’s responsibility. In addition, Transpeltola delivers glass to window factories and glass wholesale companies in Finland from KCH’s glass warehouse in Kouvola. Summa summarum, the collaboration with KCH allows Transpeltola to provide many supporting logistics services, such as import clearance, export clearance, container terminal, railway transportation, and warehousing to its customer.

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